Our Founder


Producer, Writer  & Director Salim Khassa fosters an all-encompassing worldview, having lived in diverse locations around the globe. He was born in Algeria, and spent his formative years in Marseille, France. He learned five languages while pursuing the dream of making films in America. That dream came to fruition after transplanting himself to San Francisco and the Academy of Art University where he earned a B.A degree in Film. After apprenticeships in editing, and creating music videos and commercials, he began sitting in the director’s chair for his first thriller feature film, documentaries and cable pilots. Salim Khassa now lives with his family in New York City where he first established Look Before You Leap Films in 2005. Salim’s innovative path reflects his ideology. 

”Sometimes I watch the blind person who would give anything to see. He knows that, for him, the night has no end, but he still goes on. There’s so much in this world to see. Why shouldn’t my camera always be rolling?”

salimSalim Khassa maintains a High-voltage energy as a movie Producer, Director & Writer. He is professionally trained, thoroughly experienced with more then Ten film projects to his credit over a 15 year period. Salim, a multi- talented working executive, in addition; also presides over his own global distribution company, through which he distributes all his own movies and many other independent films to a World-Wide Market. Continually traveling around the globe, he buys, sells and distributes films at all of the major film Festivals. (Cannes, Berlin, AFM, Toronto, Sundance, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai) Salim’s concentrated dedication adds significant value to any movie or media project, from seminal idea to script, to scouting, actual filming, and to editing in the post-production phase, his input at each point of film creation is vital to a high quality project.


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