Alexander and Porus

by LBYL Films
Alexander and Porus

Produced By: Shashikant Chheda

Running Time: 100 minutes

Country :INDIA


Encouraged by his mother, King ALEXANDER embarks on a journey to conquer and rule the world. Crushing all the Kings and Kingdoms that stood against him, Alexander finally reaches India. When the ruler AMBHI bowed to his might, ALEXANDER was sure of his victory over other Kings. But what he did not realize was that he was finally going to meet his match in King PORUS. Will ALEXANDER be able to defeat PORUS and continue his passion to rule the world or he will be stopped by the patriotism of King PORUS who can go to any extent to bring an end to ALEXANDER’S was spree? Witness one of the greatest wars of history that transformed the life of King ALEXANDER. With foot topping music, ‘ALEANDER AND PORUS’ has eye pleasing visuals and treatment that will go on be a visual treat for both, children and adults.