Art = Love 2

by LBYL Films
Art = Love 2

Director : Mumtaz Hussain
Writer :    Mumtaz Hussain  Monica Mehta
Producer : Mevlut Akkaya
Running Time ( 90 Minutes )
Production Year : 2012

Art = (love)2  relates the tale of a struggling painter named Dean who’s passionate love for a student named Isabella fuels his artwork canvases. Following her mysterious death, his internal crisis turns him obsessive in finding out how & why she died.  Circumventing police authorities and avoiding concerned friends, he enters a creative madness where his paintings reflect a bizarre edge of genius which further transcends his mind from art beyond scientific  borders into the realm of the unknown…a spirit world that leads him onto a psychic precipice of obsession for an Isabella he believes is controlling his artwork and his life.