Behaviour In The Cloud

Behaviour In The Cloud

A dream –light a idyllic story with hypnotic  attraction , featuring Justice “ a beautiful young lady, Daemon or Angel ?  Blessed with super natural powers to do good or evil.  As we hop from cloud to cloud, personal experiences accumulate and people are either reworded or cursed  as Justice rewards or punishes various behaviors .
As the contrasting vignettes increases as we are drawn into an emotional flash point, a high energy conflict  and confrontation with a sudden and abrupt reality as “ Justice” wakes up from  her long slumber with soul –searing realization of moral responsibility.
“ Judge Not-lest thou be judged!!

Director : Salim Khassa

Producer : Salim Khassa

Line Producer : Michael Manziello

Running Time 76 Minutes

Starring :
Aki Wakajima …. Marry
Andress Alisill … The stranger

Allen Atha … Security Officer
NJeri Sam …. Mark
Fevan Deba …. Jessica

1st Cameraman : Chris Kelsey
2nd  Richard Enreguez

D.P Michael Manziello

Production Year: 2005