by LBYL Films

Produced & Directed By Alexey Uchitel
Writer : Vladimir Makanin
Production Year: 2008
Cast : Vyacheslav Krikunov , Peter Logachev , Irakly Mskhalaia
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Running Time: 80 Minutes
Genre: Action | War

Based on Vladimir Makanin’s book “The Prisoners from the Caucuses,” the film “CAPTIVE” delves deep into the folly of war. Set in the cauldron of the Russian vs. Chechnyan conflict, soldiers are trapped in forbidding and alien Chechnyan landscape. The leader of the trapped group and a top-notch sniper must lead the squadron to safety, but trials and tribulations of all-out war conditions prevail making the escape highly dangerous and deadly. Hatching a plan they end up seizing a local boy as hostage which complicates matters in their quest to freedom.