Cascading Darkness

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Cascading Darkness


The thrust of the movie’s plot reflects the conditions of life modern-day America and the World, and is a harbinger which warns of the evils that are attempting to penetrate our nation and establish a foothold here in the U.S. Set in a world torn by corrupt politicians and willful blindness among its citizens, the freedom of expression has become under siege which has created a fertile soil for ever-increasing terrorist threats. Greed motivates society rather than a rational, magnanimous mindset, lower-class people are being left behind, and they feel threatened by illegal immigration which is a lightning rod for controversy. The story of CASCADING DARKNESS progresses rapidly by following the escapades of would-terrorists coming to New York City. Both in “Gotham” and overseas, terrorist groups see this as “their chance” to gather momentum in building a foundation for their scary ideologies, and daily they are penetrating deep into the hearts of our youth.

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