DAM 999

by LBYL Films
DAM 999

Directed By: Sohan Roy

Runtime: 108 minutes

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Sci-fi | Thriller

Production Year: 2011

John Brown as the Mayor of the city decides to build a new dam to replace the century old dam built by his great grand father during the colonial days in India to avoid its potential threat on 2.5million lives. Wide protest against the evacuation costs his life. His son-in-law, a corrupt politician, becomes the next mayor and announces the inauguration of the new dam, which he has built without following the safety measures. Shankaran, an astrologer predicts about a possible disaster on the inauguration day. A group of mariners joined together by destiny decide to fight it out to avoid the disaster and save the mankind. The movie moves towards a thrilling climax through Nine Characters, Nine moods and a dam of emotions…

Behaviour In The Cloud

Behaviour In The Cloud

A dream –light a idyllic story with hypnotic  attraction , featuring Justice “ a beautiful young lady, Daemon or Angel ?  Blessed with super natural powers to do good or evil.  As we hop from cloud to cloud, personal experiences accumulate and people are either reworded or cursed  as Justice rewards or punishes various behaviors .
As the contrasting vignettes increases as we are drawn into an emotional flash point, a high energy conflict  and confrontation with a sudden and abrupt reality as “ Justice” wakes up from  her long slumber with soul –searing realization of moral responsibility.
“ Judge Not-lest thou be judged!!

Director : Salim Khassa

Producer : Salim Khassa

Line Producer : Michael Manziello

Running Time 76 Minutes

Starring :
Aki Wakajima …. Marry
Andress Alisill … The stranger

Allen Atha … Security Officer
NJeri Sam …. Mark
Fevan Deba …. Jessica

1st Cameraman : Chris Kelsey
2nd  Richard Enreguez

D.P Michael Manziello

Production Year: 2005

Little Shop of Horrors 3D

Little Shop of Horrors 3D

Director: Roger Corman
Produced BY : Roger Corman
Country :USA DVD
Written BY : Charles B.Griffith
Release Date: 14, 1960
Genre/Category: Black Comedy, Horror, Drama & Science Fiction – 3D

Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph, Mel Welles, Dick Miller, Jack Nicholson Little Shop of Horrors is the classic1960 American comedy film directed by Roger Corman and written by Charles B. Griffith. The movie is a Farce about a goofy young florist’s assistant, Seymour who works at the Skid Row flower shop of Mr. Mushnick (Mel Welles). Experimenting in his spare time, Seymour cultivates a plant that feeds on human flesh & blood. Seymour hopes this experiment will lead him to fame & fortune. The hideous plant commands: “Feeed Me! Feeed Me please!” Before long, the luckless Seymour has fed his plant the bodies of a detective, a sadistic dentist, and a flashy trollop. Magically, when the plant blooms, the faces of its various victims are reproduced in its flowers. The film’s concept is based loosely on a 1932 story called “Green Thoughts”, by John Collier, about a man-eating plant. Ignored on its initial release, the film slowly gained a cult status through repeated black-and-white TV exposure in the early 60’s. The presence of a young Jack Nicholson attracts many viewers, who see the “acting rookie” like never before.

Frame of Mind

Frame of Mind

Director: Tim Russ
Cast: Garnet Wong, Chase Masterson, Brad Watson, Menina Fortunato, Crystal Allen, Dominic Keating, Gary Graham, Lynn- Holly Johnson, Nikita Ager
Country: USA
Running Time: 50 minutes

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction, Thriller

A combination of six ‘Shorts.” Titles: Deja vu, Eye of the Beholder, Story by Amy Nile, Plugged, Super Heroes, Mistaken Identity. Each title has a very interesting, realistic and intriguing story. Moreover, these “Shorts” are all directed by very well known, respected directors in the industry. TIM RUSS (Director of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men). This compilation is kaleidoscope of well- done shorts that blend into a wonderful pattern of film intrigue and enjoyment. Deja Vu: In the future you can purchase fragments of other people’s memories and upload them into your own. The protagonist Dell tries it himself, but then becomes dangerously obsessed with what he experiences. Cast: Garnet Wong, Chase Masterson, Brad Watson

The Sobbing Stone

The Sobbing Stone

Director: Robert Christie
Cast: Ben Irvin, Kevin Mayberry, Michelle Mary
Schaefer, Natalie Hultman, Shirlethea Tonya Holme
DVD Release Date: March 2006
Running Time: 80 minutes
Genre: Action | Adventure | Science-Fiction | Thriller

Four modern-day scientists are assigned to study a small stone that
emits mysterious sounds from within its core. Strangely, modern day
equipment cannot record the sounds for some bizarre reason. The
four scientists take their turns on 24-hour watch to listen, try to
understand and piece together the sound patterns emanating from the
unique stone. A solution to the puzzle is uncovered…..but it’s not
quite over for them. The ending doesn’t merely surprise…..it shocksboth the scientists…and viewers as well!

The Custom Mary

by LBYL Films
The Custom Mary

Director: Matt Dunnerstick

Cast: Alicia Sixtos, James Jolly, Travis Hammer
Country: United States
Runtime: 102 Minutes
US Release Date: August 15, 2011
Genre/Category: Drama
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A young Latina from gritty East L.A. meets an African-American Lowrider, and she struggles to reconcile her faith and blossoming love affair while becoming dangerously involved with a group of dangerous religious fanatics who plot to clone Jesus. A faith based movie with powerful messages and “what-ifs.”

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