Chaos In Gotham The Uninvited Guest

by LBYL Films
Chaos In Gotham The Uninvited Guest

Director: Salim Khassa
Producer: Salim Khassa
Production Year: 2008
Running Time: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama

Two bumbling, clownish Middle-Eastern brothers-as-would-be terrorists arrive in NYC to wreak havoc and set-up shop in the apartment of their cousin, a law- abiding U.S. citizen who lives with his girlfriend, Brittany. Things turn strange & chaotic when the two angry brothers initiate their ill-conceived plan and a nosy landlord starts complaining. An underground network of spies surfaces which has more on its mind than just subduing “piggish American imperialists.” “ New-Millennium” environment and how that uncertainty plays on the minds of ordinary citizens ( viewers). These concerns have become ever-present in the daily lives of New Yorkers where the show is set. The serious events that unfold are fuel-to-the-fire for comical relief in this groundbreaking series. A vast array of nationalities in the ensemble cast create characters that evoke an intentional blindness as a defense mechanism which serves as a façade for Western society’s current enervated state of confusion. So much of what the public is concerned about in this world, from terrorist threats to prejudicial bias come to the fore in the one hour “Chaos in Gotham” pilot and subsequent twelve episodes.