Death Calls

by LBYL Films
Death Calls

Director: Ken Del Conte
Country: USA
DVD Release Date: August, 2012
Running Time: 90 minutes
Genre: Action |Adventure | Drama | Family

A Mystical Love Story that keeps a viewer guessing. The twisting
action occurs amidst the stale, broiling frying pan of hell-on-earth…
the USA/ Mexico Border where lives are bought and sold for a few
bucks and nobody is loyal to anyone else. A young Mexican girl
fights for her life as she is hunted and chased by Corrupt Border
Patrollers. Upon entering Arizona from Mexico, Christina’s parents
are killed and she escapes. But someone unbeknown to her
intervenes for her benefit. Who is the mysterious stranger that saves
her life? As the mysterious curtain is unveiled, see the surprise that
is a savior to whom she will owe her life.