Our Founder

Salim Khassa

Producer, Writer, Director Salim Khassa who is dedicated to pursuing his dream of creating a company that inspires people by making movies.  During his formative years in Marseille, France he was tested by extreme adversity and vowed to make-it-to-America to follow a life-long commitment to film. The first phase of that vision came to fruition after he saved up enough to transplant himself to San Francisco, California where he began with short horror/thriller works and documentaries. After that initial success, he moved New York City where he first established Look Before You Leap Films in 2006 and the phenomenal growth spawned another company division, LBYL Sales & Distribution, Inc. that caters to movie-market client’s growth in all World-Wide territories.  
   Salim’s concentrated dedication to film-making is all-encompassing as he is involved in every single phase of production from script development to scouting, production design and all the way through to “post” editing, and even music. His final touches at each stage ensure his credo is fulfilled: “I can not and will not sleep until I’m certain that each part of the film-production has been done to the best that is capable of becoming."