Happiness and Tears

by LBYL Films
Happiness and Tears

Director: Zaili Sulan
Country: Malaysia
Release Date: 30 November 2012 (India)
Running Time: 125 minutes
Genre: Family | Drama

Happiness & Tears (Qabil Khushry Qabil Igam) is a family saga from Malaysia about twin brothers Khushry (Hans Issac) and Igam (Rusdi Ramli). The two loving brothers are dedicated to each other, sharing secrets, joys and also their sad moments together. However, a destructive indulgence by Igam wreaks chaos and havoc upon their family the day before their joint weddings to young women who are sisters. Khushry’s wedding goes on as planned but Igam’s fiancee, Karisma, has to spend the night alone locked in her home, as Igam’s self-indulgence leads him into rehabilitation, and his bride-to-be must decide whether or not to stand by him.