by LBYL Films

Director: Ken Del Conte
Cast: Robert Miano, Robert Balderson, Ernie Garcia, Chris Bradely.
Katherine Pawley
DVD Release Date: July, 2005
Running Time: 90 minutes
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Crime

ctress Katherine Pawlak portrays a newly hired fledgling Cop,
straight out of the ACADEMY and the daughter of a former Police
Chief in a family of Cops. When she uncovers a malicious plot that
harms children, the Killers come after her , and the only one to save
her is her father. Her dad was a former Police Chief and her two
brothers are Cops, so family ties run deep and strong. She uncovers
a dirty plot hatched by well-known crooked Politicians, and she is
alone in fighting-her-good-fight. Many clever surprises and twists
keep a viewer asking, “what’s happens next?” Solid in its acting and
story, a good old-fashioned shoot out at the climax makes for a
terrific Black Hats vs. the White Hats saga.