by LBYL Films

Director: Jerzy Kowynia

Producer: Jerzy Kowynia

Running Time: 77 minutes

Country: Poland

Genre: Action

Stacho is carrying out a couple-years prison sentence. Tension in the cell develops into an open conflict between him and his cell-mates. Marta, his half-sister who lives with his mother, begins a sexual affair with Liam, a young Irishman. Stach’s mother commits suicide. Stacho gets a temporary two-day pass for the occasion. He goes to his home where he meets his father who he has not seen for a long time. On the night before the funeral a meeting between Stach, Marta, their father and Marta’s lover takes place. It reveals many family secrets. In the morning, on the day of his mother’s funeral, Stacho hesitates whether to take advantage of the chance to flee over the border. Afer giving it some thought he goes back to the prison where the unresolved conflict between him and his cell-mates awaits him