by LBYL Films

Producer: Jaques Stival and Salim Khassa
Written BY : Jacques Stival
Production Year : 2014, par PCM Audioviselles and LBYL Films
Running Time : 78 minutes
Country : France
Genre: Action | Adventure

A political web of intrigue and danger weaves through the tense movie thriller ”L’echange.” Russian terrorists kidnap the son of the French Minister of Defense in order to use the boy as a bargaining chip to obtain the design plans of a highly sought after secret weapon. The terrorist syndicate is led by a ruthless woman, Miss Markova who contacts the Defense Minister to meet her demands but resistance causes anger to boil over with Hell-to-pay. Influences from a shady past cloud the picture and no easy exchange can be resolved without violence, setting up a daring rescue which changes the course of all lives involved…and ends for many more unlucky warriors in battle.