Liquor Day Saints

by LBYL Films
Liquor Day Saints

Director : Tyler Cole
Produced By: Paul Carganilla, Katie Dorow, Tyler Cole
Running Time: 125 minutes
Country :USA
Genre: Drama, Comedy

Pep Foster’s crappy day begins with work demotion which leads to getting dumped by his girlfriend, then his identity is stolen causing him to go broke. Luckily, he’s got Mitch, his cooky, loyal best friend. The day gets worse when he is forced to work under Virgil (the boss’ son) and Amelia (his ditsy former secretary). One salvation is the new receptionist. Pep’s attitude is at the bottom-of-the-well, Light is the brightest, an some greatness will be attained. As he begins, he steps into a local bar, where he waits for new luck and Life to give him a second shot.