Nighttime Eyes

by LBYL Films
Nighttime Eyes

Director: Salim Khassa
Writers: John Klein
Production Year: 2004
Running Time: 109 minutes
Genre: Action | Adventure

A dramatic contemporary action adventure movie, seeing from the backseat of a cab in a major metropolitan city. Once the sun goes down , night light begins in earnest. When our cab driver Lester picks up a faire from the street. Engaging in a risk friendly conversation , Lester watches the road and he’s fair in the backseat. Suddenly, the fair pulls a 357 Magnum rubbing the cab driver, his cash , and all other pieces identity papers. Lester failed to report the incident to the police . couple days later a sharp detective named Andrew, puts the connection together with collected identity , clearly implicating Lester who is now a prime suspect. Accordingly Lester is compelled to find his criminal faire and clear his name.