Ordinary Guy

by LBYL Films
Ordinary Guy

Director: Fred Heeren
Cast: Richard Foster, Wendy Oldenberg, Maggie Doyle, William
Grey, Jim Hayes, Alfredo Jeses Lope
DVD Release Date: November, 1981
Running Time: 70 minutes
Genre: Faith Based | Drama

This endearing movie is a Faith-Based Christian Family Film that was awarded Best Film and Best Actor by the Academy of Christian Cinematography Arts. It’s a comedy-drama telling the story of an ordinary Christian gentleman (Guy), his lukewarm fiancee, her unbelieving sister, and their ultra-pragmatic father. Just when Guy’s life is about to get locked into all the normal things he’d worked so hard to achieve, both career-wise and girl-wise, he discovers that something integral to his happiness is still missing. The ingredient to make his life complete is the kind of deep faith in Christ that results in action—and when he gets that, the lives of everyone around him are turned upside down by his ministry, including the young members of an innercity gang.