Orwell Comes to America

by LBYLadmin
Orwell Comes to America


The controversial entrepreneur from Hungary who heads his enormously successful “Quantum Fund” continues to be a very controversial figure upon the Financial, Political and Cultural frontiers not only in America, but the entire world.


In this compelling documentary by LBYL Films, George Soros reveals his wide variety of insightful opinions and viewpoints which often ruffle-the-feathers of conventional wisdom. His keen  incisiveness on all issues resonates within a broad scope of his public  following. Mr. Soros is a lightning rod for criticism, both positive & negative, depending on each viewer’s point-of-view. Regardless of what political persuasion a viewer maintains, Mr. Soros cuts deeply into the issues of ours time, going beyond mere headlines atop a newspaper or internet E-zine. As part of a fascinating panel of New York City’s brightest intellectual, Mr. Soros illuminates the audience with his bright offerings of wisdom on modern journalism and how it effects our homogenizing modern global society. 

At 60 minutes, director Salim Khassa has placed together a tightly-wrapped, intelligent documentary endeavor reflecting the inner workings of one of the most intriguing personalities in today’s society.