Per Sofia

by LBYL Films
Per Sofia

Director : Ilaria Paganelli
Running Time : 90 Minutes
Country : Italy
Genre : Drama / Family

A journey of spirit and inspiration leads the protagonist Isaac, a violinist, to Sardinia, Italy to both fill a void in his life and seek his dream of composing beautiful music. He takes residence in an abandoned house last occupied in the1940’s by a young piano player named Sofia. Isaac absorbs her story which helps him become motivated to enlarge his gift of music. Per Sofia is a story of both love & happiness, of suffering & pain, but most of all, hope… the unending Hope of finding soulful synchronicity after having lost sight of a close relation and striving to regain trust. The most important goal is to recognize the signals that life sends you…and leads you to the balanced life that is meant for all of us. Opening one’s eyes may simply start with a random encounter in the humdrum of daily life, or found by simply listening to nature’s silence, or in Isaac’s case, be filled with a mystical impulse when viewing a young woman dressed-in-white…beckoning him to create himself anew while on the seaside of Sardinia, Italy.