There’s No-doubt that making a film is the fun part. It’s what to do AFTER the film is finished that drives filmmakers and producers to reach for extra-strength Prozac. Many filmmakers in today’s world are facing huge challenges.  Raising money is getting harder, and marketing and advertising expenses can become budget-breakers.  Over a decade of working and interacting with Filmmakers, I always find them struggling to understand how to Market their movies successfully. It’s always the same question with those with a movie in mind…How do I avoid getting ripped off?…and, How do I control the costs?…and, How can I find the best possible distributor for my project?

       The answers to these concerns are never easy by nature, but much experience paves a way to the solutions desired. In knowing the right people who combine Talent-with-character, and how to get them to return your calls helps, and then how to encode your film, and how to get your film well positioned on each site. We at LBYL FILMS can assist you in Producing your movie and helping you distributing it without all the hassles.