Sex Competition

by LBYL Films
Sex Competition

Directed Produced By: Sarik Andreasyan
Screenplay By: Sarik Andreasyan, Pavel Voronin, Yaroslav Lukashevich
Country: Russia
Cast: Tair Mamedov, Konstantin Krukov, Roman Unusov, Ravshana Kurkova, Anna Khilkevich
Production Year: 2013
Running Time: 83 minutes
Genre: Comedy

“Sex-Lotto” is a laugh-filled comedy that combines beautiful women, five-hundred thousand dollars prize money, and four competitive friends who compete to win it all. The Lotto is organized by an extravagant & eccentric millionaire. The essence of the game is to seduce as many women as possible in an exotic seaside resort within five days. Having received the rules, the magnificent four gamblers push each other to the limit as they rush into the battle for the gorgeous and monumental prize!