by LBYL Films

Director :Rakesh Prasad
Produced By: Shashikant Chheda
Running Time: 120 minutes
Country :INDIA

In a Dramatic turn of events in the state of Ujjain, King BHOJ is informed that there is a boy shepherd who is fast gaining popularity in solving the challenges of people. In fact he is even considered far better than King BHOJ himself. To find the truth, King BHOJ disguises himself as a commoner and attends a meeting led by the shepherd boy and is impressed by the manner in which the boy understands and upholds justice. Later when he asks the boy how he manages to do the same, the boy reveals the secret which teads to the discovery of the magnificent SINGHSAN BATTISI. Through his association with the boy, King BHOJ comes to an enlightenment, declaring that onwards, he will assume the throne and maintain societal justice. But what he does not know is the mystery behind the throne…how it will prevent him from assuming the seat upon that very throne!