by LBYL Films

Genre/Category: Drama, Thriller,
Directors: Mark Dennis & Ben Foster
Produced By Mark Dennis & Ben Foster Time: 98 Minutes
Cast: Billy Harvey & Elle LaMont
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An at-the-edge, tortured musician living in New York City is discouraged at losing his daughter and enters therapy. Billy is sucked into the macabre experimental therapy of his psychiatrist who uses his patients to commit vigilante crimes for a diabolical syndicate. Sinking deeper into his troubling vortex, Billy has facial reconstruction surgery to take on a new identity to avoid being caught as a criminal.  Nearly a decade later, he attempts to cast off a twisted past and reconnect to his former wife.  A journey of twists and turns leaves him unable to unravel the threads of the desperate knot he has tied too tight.  Strings is a Must-See movie for lovers of high-stakes, suspenseful thrillers.