Thanks for your interest in submitting your movie to LBYL Films.
Please help us learn more about your movie by providing us with your film project information:

Budget of your Movie  $ ________________

Country where your movie was Produced  _______________

Language: _________________

Genre of your movie : __________________

(Subtitles) Yes ___ No ____

Format: __________

Production year _________


DELIVERABLE Must be included as follows:

Posters –  24” X 36” and  5” x 7”

Synopsis of Movie

DVD Screener/ with disclaimer:“For screening purposes only”

DVD Trailer

ProRez 422  –  (ALL Media material must be in this format)

Please list each festival appearance/awards (if any)

Please note that LBYL finances projects and can arrange Pre-Sales on your movie.

For more information, please contact our marketing team. We accept all genres, except pornographic material.

Please note, to help us to consider your movie project, we must receive the

Screener DVD of the movie, sent to our HQ address: 896 Manhattan Avenue, Ste. #24, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

Please allow 3 weeks for us to review, and subsequently respond. We look forward to mutual success with your new project