Survivor Trilogy

by LBYL Films
Survivor Trilogy

Genre/Category: Action, Thriller
Director: Frederic Andre Dupre
Producer: Frederic Andre Dupre
Writer: Frederic Andre Dupre
Country: France
DVD Release Date: July 30, 2012
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Cast: Frederic A Dupre, Bernadette Alvarez, Michael, Clamant and Alain Chekka

Warrior Vs Cobra

A fast-paced Action/ Thriller, Survivor spins the tale of “Warrior,” who is a bold Frenchmen of special force.  With his group led by Captain Karl and Garcia his friend, they are hired to liberate the daughter of the French President.

But secretly, Captain Karl’s friend Garcia has a plot to kill the hero – “Warrior.”  However, after an intense struggle, Warrior kills Garcia instead.  Five years later revenge is on the agenda and Garcia’s brother hatches a plot to kill the hero Warrior.  Warrior, a fierce combatant,  and can strike with venom like a Cobra.  A must-see for Aficionados of Action Films.


A continuation of Part One,  SURVIVOR II combines Secrets,  Lies,  revenge, guns, drugs and money fuel a frenzy of action and suspense in Part Two of the Survivor series  ‘Animal.”   A murder takes place in the deep woods of France and from there spins a swirl of action/adventure that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


Survivor,  “Chase”  is Part one of this exciting action/adventure trilogy by diector  Frederic Andre Dupre.  The dark woods deep within France’s borders are a haven for murderers who are bent on dispensing their own sense of morality.  No one is safe from the powerful forces of angry justice that is dished out by this gang of violent men who will do anything and everything to see that revenge is given.