Tell Me the Truth

by LBYL Films
Tell Me the Truth

Director: Christophe Previte
Producer: Laurence Pullinger
Country: France
Runtime: 69 Minutes
Genre/Category: Action, Drama,

Elodie is a 24 yr.-old Frenchwoman living in the South who seeks the truth about the assassination of her parents. The local police give little assistance to her, accusing a vagrant homeless man, but this does not convince Elodie. With the support of her boyfriend, she meets the person who holds clues to the mystery from the beginning , a single mother named Beatrice, who lives with her baby. The late husband of Beatrice was linked to the death of Elodie’s parents and this gives way to a path for Elodie and her boyfriend to follow for answers. As the plot deepens, a rift develops between Elodie & Beatricd and the life of Beatrice’s baby is threatened. Lies and the truth become commingled and the mystery unfolds in a thick fog of deceit. ( 69min. In French, with English sub-titles)