The Bottom Billion

by LBYL Films
The Bottom Billion

Directed by: Salim Khassa
Produced by: Salim Khassa & Don Henry
Associate Producer : Grameen Foundation
Written by: Don Henry & Salim Khassa
Cinematography: Lee R Heng & Salim Khassa
Visual Effects: DU ART STUDIO
Sound Mixing: DU ART STUDIO
Running Time: 60 Minutes
Production Year: 2013

The hour-long documentary entitled THE BOTTOM BILLION explores the colossal worldwide economic crash in 2008 and features incisive and provocative interviews with key experts which yield a fresh perspective on the contributing causes. The global consequences were severe as the fifth anniversary of the Market crash make us all aware of the lingering “Great “Recession,” and it’s effect on local, world and each person’s own economical affairs. THE BOTTOM BILLION is a compelling and timely review which lead viewers to further questions such as… “ Can another crash happen?…and is it imminent? A can’t miss documentary, The BOTTOM BILLION focuses on the perspective of those most in need, and will be eye-opening for all viewers.