by LBYL Films

Director :Rakesh Prasad
Produced By: Shashikant Chheda
Running Time: 90 minutes
Country :INDIA

Centuries ago, Muhammad Ghori heard word of India’s great wealth and mobilized his huge army to loot Delhi’s riches. Each time he wages battle, his advances are beaten back by the invincible ruler of Delhi, the great Prithviraj Chauhan. The frustrated Ghori becomes relentless in his obsession of conquest and schemes to find a way to victory.

Meanwhile, in Kannauj, King Jaichand organizes the swayamvar of his beloved daughter Sanyogita and invites all the Kings of India with the exception of Prithviraj Chauhan, as he was the only king who refused to bow to Jaichand.

In dramatic fashion, Prithviraj Chauhan charges into the swayamvar and flees with his beloved Sanyogita. No king dare try to stop him. Prithviraj Chauhan then must juggle two enemies. Jaichand wants revenge against Prithviraj Chauhan at any cost and Muhammad Ghori awaits his last chance to defeat Prithviraj Chauhan. With the winds of war swirling, Jaichand does something that changes the history of India, and decides to join hands with Muhammad Ghori, and they plan to team up to defeat the Prithviraj Chauhan!